Thursday, March 30, 2006


Tomorrow morning at 6:30 I will be at Jackson General Hospital for my fasciotomy. I believe I will actually go into surgery some time after eight. It may be quite a while after eight. I don't know how long it will take, but I'm guessing it won't take that long. There's no telling how long it will take to be released from the hospital; there will be a checklist of things that I will have to be able to perform before leaving. One of those things will be learning how to use my crutches that I will have for about two weeks, until I see Dr. Antwine again. I'll have to completely stay off my feet until Sunday, and I'll go back to school when I feel like I can walk a good distance on my crutches. I'll go back to Dr. Antwine for a checkup two weeks after surgery.

I know I've said it a hundred times, but I am not worried. I know God is with me, and I know that a lot of people are praying for me. Before I left my dorm tonight (I'm at home at the moment) two of my roommates prayed with me; I, of course, ended up crying. I think they did, too. It's just amazing to me how much God has blessed me. It's ridiculous! When did I ever do anything to deserve anything? That's the most amazing thing: I did not. God is just cool like that. My theme song for this time of surgery (ha) is Coldplay's "Fix You." While I was running my mile and a half a couple of weeks ago, that song came on. The song before or after that was "Everything Will Be Alright" by The Killers (I know, the band name is strange). I love how God does that; that wasn't the first (or last, I'm sure) time God has spoken to me through music.

I will definitely be blogging after the surgery, hopefully tomorrow if I'm not totally drugged up. I'll leave you with the chorus of "Fix You":

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you


  1. Proud of you, girl! You know I'm praying for you, and I love you. Keep a homie posted.

  2. You are so brave. I am glad you are taking this better than I am. I am such a spaz... I love you Daron! See you tomorrow!