Friday, May 08, 2009

Two Weeks is Too Long

One more week of classes, then almost freedom. I have never been more impatient for summer to get here.

Graduation is May 23rd, but it seems farther away than that with all the stuff that still needs to be done. Hours for practicum, four tests, research papers, journals... Ugh. However, I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on it all and plan to get everything done in a timely fashion - including starting my research paper at least three days in advance. ;)

Soon I will blog and reminisce about my time at Union, but for now I'm keeping it short and mainly expressing my desire to be finished with the semester and get a break from schoolwork.

Sometimes I feel like I'm not really leaving Union, since I'll be here for almost another year and a half working (hopefully at a counseling center). I'll definitely be going to see the team play in the fall - BOTH teams. I'm kind of glad I'll be around for this next year, because I have a lot of great friends graduating during that time. I can delay being away from them for another year, and that makes me happy. Of course, I am mainly glad to be around for Ryan, this guy I kind of like. Kidding! I love him. :)

The date is closing in, but time seems to speed up and stand still all at the same time. I'm beginning to realize that I should be relishing the busyness that my life is right now, because it means I'm at the end of being a college student and the beginning of (almost) being an adult. That adult thing should be looked at with some trepidation, which I have in a healthy amount.