Friday, May 28, 2010

The incredible bruise! Well, part of it. The other part is on top of my leg.

Living Up to the Name

And by that I mean living up to the name of my blog.  Which, if you don't recall or are too lazy to scroll, is Random Daron.  Of course, I believe that I have always held up to that name, whether it was purposeful or not.  Most of the time my randomness just happens with no conscious effort on my part.  I think that's when the best writing happens, anyway - when it's effortless.  Often when I try to sit down and write a poem about something in particular, it comes out too forced and I hate it.  However, when I just get hit by the inspiration and let it go, it usually works out better. 

This week I have been practicing my cursive.  That means I have a couple of pages full of random sentences and words written in cursive sitting around my office.  When I went to address a few wedding invitation envelopes (for those who were moving soon and I wanted to catch), I discovered that my cursive had become appalling.  I have never been a big fan of my cursive; my print was always much neater.  My main issues lie in connecting the letters within words.  Sometimes my hand seems to take over completely and decide that instead of going from o to o, it should be o to l - or something that just doesn't fit in.  I think I'm already improving, although I still haven't decided exactly how beneficial this will be down the road.  Besides signing things, when do I ever use cursive writing?  And as for signatures, from my experience as a cashier I can tell you that a lot of people just scribble and call it a signature.  Sometimes I would just laugh at the stuff people put.  One guy used up about four inches for his signature - and it was just one big scribble.  No discernible letters at all.  How will this prevent fraud?  Just throw the pen around a piece of paper, and you have a signature!  When I was younger and believed that I had a chance to be a professional singer, I practiced my "official" signature.  I wanted to use my entire name, of course, and I was afraid that I would take too long to sign things.  I didn't want people to get impatient while waiting in line for my signature!  Haha. 

Speaking of signatures, I have been asked for mine twice.  And it was weird.  The last time was when I opened for the guy who won West Tennessee Idol like three years ago at Bethel.  Two little girls asked me - so cute!  I definitely felt so weird though.  I guess you would get used to it after signing a million things like that.  Ultimately, though, I wouldn't like all of the attention that comes with being famous.  Too many people all in your business and freaking out about what you wear, what you say, where you go, who you're with...  Meh! 

In case you haven't heard on FB, I wrecked my bicycle Tuesday night.  I'm healing fairly well I guess, although I called in sick to work yesterday.  I woke up and my entire upper body was insanely sore.  I had worked out Monday, and it was like that compounded with the wreck just hit me all at once.  Not fun.  I'm still sore today, but I do love the fantastic bruise on my leg around my knee.  It's intense.  Getting good bruises is one of the reasons I loved catching in softball.  You get a drop ball bouncing up and hitting the inside of your thigh, and you're bound to have a pretty purple bruise in a day or two.  It's fascinating.  And something to be proud of.  Getting bruises in soccer was also awesome.  Go in hard to tackle, come out with a great bruise.  Injuries aren't exactly fun, but then they kind of are.  I guess it's the true athlete in me that loves having a good injury - a few of which I have at the moment.  Scrapes on my elbow, wrist, face, leg...  Great. 

Another thing about injuries...  I am awful about picking at scabs.  Always have been.  So this is going to be a serious challenge for me.  I obviously don't want scars, and these scrapes need to heal quickly.  I've got a wedding, people!  We were planning on shooting some more engagement pictures this weekend, but after Tuesday's event, that wasn't going to happen.  Although we could shoot everything only from my right side and not show my leg...that could work.  Meh - too much effort.  Remember what I said about effort?? 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I got me some new glasses! Which of course means I had to wear them today.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

One Hundred Days

Today is one hundred days from the wedding!  Woot woot!!  I'm excited.  Of course, I started thinking of all the things I still have to do as far as planning goes...but it will get done!  And anyway, if everything goes wrong in the wedding, as long as we both say our vows and the preacher announces us married, that's fine with me!  I mean, in the long run - I'll have to admit I'll be upset if everything else with the wedding goes wrong.  But later it could make for some really good stories.  I've also heard that you're not officially married until something goes horribly wrong.  Haha.  Funny, but a little nerve-inducing.  I would prefer for nothing to be set on fire and/or have someone have a seizure or something - the fainting thing is no biggie, unless it's me or Ryan. 

Despite being a tomboy, I am in many ways a typical female.  I have always wanted to get married.  However, I never really had a particular vision for my wedding.  I always knew I wanted it to be unique, different, and representative of me and the groom (whoever he would be).  I honestly looked forward more to the actual marriage part, rather than focusing on the wedding.  That is not to say that I haven't gotten caught up in the glamor of it all; I am (perhaps somewhat selfishly but generically) excited about having my own big day.  Even when eloping was brought up (as I firmly believe is done at least once with every engaged couple), the thought of not wearing the wedding dress I'd already picked out made me sad.  When that happened, I thought, "Who is this woman who suddenly wants to wear a big dress and get made up?!"  If you know me at all, you will know that that is against my normal stance on clothing and general presentation. 

Nevertheless, I am so very excited.  I am marrying a man I love and who loves me and is so very good at showing it.  God brought us together, and I know He will keep us that way - even if Ryan leaves his clothes on the floor and I only cook every two weeks and clean every six.