Thursday, September 08, 2011

Hello, New Blogger Interface

This is interesting. I like it. I'm sure there are a ton of Blogger people out there complaining about the changes, just like the Twitter or Facebook people do when either of those sites change things up. I find it somewhat amusing. Yes, sometimes things change for the worse, or it becomes incredibly difficult to find the button to do that thing you did just yesterday - but they're working on it. If they had never changed, we'd be complaining about that, too. We like being comfortable, but we also like the newest and coolest stuff.

Speaking of new things... A good friend of mine just told me about ohlife, which is this site that sends you an email each day asking "How was your day?" When you reply, it saves your reply as a journal entry. Obviously, this is not posted in a public forum; only you see these entries. You can have it send the email weekly, if you'd rather. My friend said that her sister used it with her new baby, which is just the greatest idea ever. I've thought about (when we have kids) taking a picture of the baby each day for at least a year. How crazy would it be to see the daily progress of your baby growing?? Plus, you can add photos to these entries, which would allow you to do something like that AND write about it. Sweet. I love it. Now I want kids even more than I already did. ;)

Btw, that link up there (and here - ohlife) is just for you. :)