Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Just Some Research

So here I am, doing research for my Theories of Counseling research paper, and I find a gem from Albert Ellis.  Ellis is the creator of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), my current top theory of choice.  His big thing is "musturbation" - and no, you did not read that wrong.  It is mUsturbation.  That is changing everything from "I should, I can, I will try, etc" (rational beliefs) into " I must" (irrational beliefs).  These irrational beliefs are what we all have to some extent, and the underlying cause of dysfunction.

Anyway!  Long story short, I am using this theory in my paper, and of course found some stuff written by Ellis - Mr. REBT himself.  I'm just reading along about musturbation, scrunching my brows, when all of a sudden I run across this:

Take it out of your head and heart, where it tends to wreak havoc, and stick it up your rear end, where it more properly belongs. Did I say, “Stick your musturbation up your ass?” Yes, I clearly did.

AWESOME!!  I had to laugh out loud at that.  Now, at the time that he wrote the article I got that quote from, the guy was 84.  84!  That is impressive.  And totally gives him the right to put "stick it up your ass" in an article.

Now I'm just liking his theory even more...