Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ah, The Weather

How beautiful has the weather been the last two days? It has been absolutely gorgeous! I was driving to Huntingdon yesterday with my sunroof back, and I really couldn't help but praise God for such a wonderful day.

I feel like my life has almost done a 180 since last week. It started Thursday night after an amazing conversation with two of my roommates (how I love those girls!). I've been dealing with quite a bit of stress lately, and just to tell two people that I'm with every day helped so much. A couple of other people know what's going on, and they are true blessings. It just makes a difference for someone directly in the situation to know what's happening with me. Since then it's like my burden has been lightened considerably. I think I actually gave part of my problems to God; that is a huge accomplishment for me. I love how God puts these people in our lives, and we can't help but be amazed when we realize how much of a blessing they truly are. I love the realization.

As I mentioned before, I drove to Huntingdon yesterday. As usual, my music was blasting, and I was singing my head off. I was listening to a CD of songs that I bought from Walmart downloads, and one of the songs is "How Great Is Our God." That song is beautiful. The beauty of the day and the song just struck my heart to the core, and I started to cry tears of absolute joy! I can't tell you how long it's been since that happened. I was in this total place of worship, and it was the best feeling in the world, no doubt.

God does that. Life can get you so down to where you're struggling to breathe. Then, God gives you help in a way you never thought possible or never saw coming, and it just hits you so hard. There's nothing you can do but glorify His name with all of your heart. Why is it so hard to do that? We get so caught up in the misery of life and hardships that we forget....forget that we are saved, we have eternal life, God loves us, He won't let us down, we WILL get through this! We lose sight of everything that really matters. We find it so easy to do that; we forget what it feels like to REMEMBER.

I got a new cell phone, because my old one broke. When I was messing with it, I decided to put my banner as "Remember." At the moment I did it, I didn't really know why I put that. Now it totally makes sense. I need to "Remember" that Someone died for me, and that I owe Him everything. Remembering that....well, it's life.

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  1. Daron, Once again I must say you are amazing. And you know why? Because the love you have for God shines SOOO bright, that just about have to wear sunglasses. Can't wait to see you soon!! If you need anything, feel free to say so. Oh, and the day was pretty much MARVELOUS!