Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Possibly a Product of Delirium

I don't have many crazy faces. It's just like the same three over and over again.

Creeper neighbor man is getting even more creepier as we speak. Is it possible he has multiple personalities? One that is anal about everything, specifically lights, and one that is just a nice old man who likes to randomly talk to you or help your grandmother sweep the leaves from your door.

I got kicked out of Career Services for not having slept in twenty-four hours. I would cry discrimination - or prejudice, because it was assumed that I was delirious. Not that it wasn't right, it was just assumed. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I passed the main point of delirium about six hours ago. Oh, well. Just more time to finish these ridiculous, agonizing, torturing programs sooner.

I plan on printing out another copy of each program just to BURN them. You may think I am kidding - but I am not.

There are still like seven meals left on my Dawg Tag. I doubt I will use them in the next two days. I did use it this morning, though.

Apparently even the Monsters with the sealed lid go bad after about three weeks if they were already open.

I hope I don't get dizzy like last time I drank an entire Monster. I haven't finished a whole one yet, but there's not much left of it.

The rearview mirror soccer ball hanging thing broke yesterday, which is quite ironic considering it's only been a month and a half since my soccer career has been over. Perfect timing...

I'M READY TO LEAVE FOR IRELAND!!! However, I have to get grad school applications in before we leave, which isn't very exciting. Well, it kind of is, but it also worries me. Like, a lot.

Graduation in May seems a long way away, but I know it's actually not. I truly believe that despite the fact that I am taking nineteen hours next semester there is no way it'll be harder than this semester has been. I refuse to see that as a possibility. If it is, I'm pretty sure I can't handle it.

I want a library in my house. With a full wall for my DVDs. Hecka yeah.

I knew Peter had to get his powers back on Heroes. It HAD to happen. I was furious when he lost them to his evil father, but I always held out hope. I wonder how things are going to go down now that it appears that most of the truly evil characters are gone. I don't think they really are, but I just hope the next volume the villains aren't all in control again - even though Nathan seems to have jumped off the deep end.

Grey's Anatomy better step it up as well. This Denny crap is just that - crap. Really? He's dead. Let it go. Let Izzie move on. I have no idea how they're going to rationalize this, because apparently they already squashed the rumor that Izzie would end up having a tumor. Alex doesn't need another crazy girl when he's trying to have a decent relationship.

Private Practice and 30 Rock are awesome. Maybe the Private Practice/Grey's Anatomy crossover will do Grey's some good. Btw, I'm glad Hahn's gone, but not real excited about Callie and Sadie. You can't help but get the feeling that it's anti-Prop 8 propaganda.

Now back to finishing this stupid, vile, venomous program.


Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Truth

Twisting, falling, dying words
In the woods and no one hears
Everyone lies, this much is true
And something dies inside of you

All that I wanted was not enough
And that was too much for me
Ask me what it means
I don't think I can answer

I feel too much, cry too loud
Shoulders always bowed
Always waiting for you
Feeling the time linger

The past seems beautiful
When all was simple, perfect
It all went wrong and I'm left
Holding what never happened

I've lost the words and the trust behind them
I hide hoping to be found
If my heart is to be given away
I wonder who will take it