Monday, February 09, 2009

Whatup, Brand New Semester!

I know it's been forever since I posted anything, but there's been a LOT going on! You gotta give me a break. Work has been almost erased from my life, a new semester has started, I now have a boyfriend...a LOT. :D This semester will be one of the hardest from an academic standpoint, but at this moment in time I'm also sure it's going to be at least one of the best if not THE best semester ever. As my last at good old Union, it needs to be. School will not be neglected (entirely), but I will not sacrifice spending time with the people who mean the most to me. These next few months will be the last real chance I have to spend time with these people for a while, and I mean to get the most out of it. There are many people I will miss when I leave here. There are also a few I will not - to be perfectly honest. Which is what I strive to do on here and in general. I hate lying. It never does anyone any good.

Adele won a Grammy for Best New Artist, which she so deserves. Lately her song "Right as Rain" has kind of been my anthem, mainly these words: "Who wants to be right as rain / It's better when something is wrong...Who wants to be right as rain / It's harder when you're on top." Those words are so true right now, when so much is going so well (cough*ryan*cough), but someone else is really worrying me. It's one of those situations where I want to help, to do anything to make it clear, but I'm not sure what the first move is. We all seem to have this mechanism that switches on when things seem to be going really great; this mechanism triggers that voice in our heads that says, "Something bad is about to happen, because all this wonderful can't last forever." Although it is true - everything can't always be fantastic - we should learn to sit back and enjoy the times that are. More than that, to enjoy the things that are wonderful, despite the things that are bad. Right now, I am enjoying the things - the people - that are wonderful, while not neglecting those that aren't. Ignoring it won't help either, although a lot of people like to adopt that strategy.

Anyway, school is going to be difficult, seeing as I'm taking nineteen hours - blurg! Nevertheless, I will survive. Lol. Only 102 more days, according to my graduation countdown. Sweet! :)