Sunday, November 06, 2005

Well, I've had a pretty busy week. I went to my first YoungLife Club last Monday night. That was fun. I had no idea what to expect, but I was excited and a little nervous. The kids were a little crazy; it was Halloween. They did enjoy throwing the candy back and forth at each other. We were singing songs, and they put up the words for "Free Falling". Our leader asked a couple of the guys to introduce the new girls (me and two other girls) to the song. My first thought was, "I know this song. Why did he ask them to introduce us to it?" I got my answer when we got to the first chorus. One of the guys standing next to me bent down and SCREAMED in my ear, "AND I'M FREE!!!!" Ouch. That was definitely interesting. The next night we had our last Quest meeting, which is training for YoungLife leaders. We discussed our experiences and what we thought about it.

Wednesday my grandmother on my dad's side, Nanny, was admitted into the hospital for surgery at 8 in the morning. Around 11:00 I went to see how it was going. She wasn't out of surgery yet, so I just hung around talking to my parents and Aunt Gail. I had to get back to school for my 12:00 class. I also had a meeting with my soccer coach at 2:30 that afternoon. That went okay; nothing special. I ate before my meeting, because I hadn't eaten earlier. At around 4 I headed back to the hospital to check on Nanny again. When I got there, her condition wasn't the best. Her throat hurt from the tube they stuck in, and her back was hurting from where they made the incision. Oh, yeah, I forgot to say.....she had a ruptured disk in her back that was killing her legs. At first she thought it was arthritis, but they evidently took x-rays and found otherwise. Her surgery was made complicated by the fact that there were a ton of ligaments grown over the disk. After surgery her legs did feel better, but that was overshadowed by pain elsewhere. Wednesday night I was there for two hours. She was trying to go to sleep, but she was in so much pain that it was very difficult. When I left the hospital I went directly to my dorm. Brittany called, and I talked to her for a minute. I didn't feel like talking a whole lot. Being at the hospital depressed me. Nanny was nearly helpless because of the pain; it just kills me when someone else is hurting, whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally. I couldn't do anything to help her. I also talked to Buddy, but that wasn't for very long either. I think I worried him a little. Anyway, I ended up going to bed at TEN, which I never do. I didn't get to sleep until 10:45; Amy came in at 11:15 or so, because I had sent her a message that I needed to talk to her. We had a great talk that lasted until past midnight. After that, I went back to sleep.

Thursday I can't really remember what I did. That's weird...oh, yeah! Sorry. I went to my one and only class then went to Lambuth to visit Brittany! That's what I did. That was a blast. I got to meet several of her friends; they were cool. Now I seriously can't remember what I did that night. This is just sad. I really just called Amy to ask what I did, and she told me. I had to finish my stupid essay for Written Comp. They were causing a ruckus upstairs, and I kept calling Amy to tell them to be quiet. It didn't work. I finally finished it, so that was good. It seems like I did something else that night. I did go to an English major/minor meeting at 2:30 that afternoon.

We went camping Friday night. It was two of my roommates, one of their sisters, Amy, one of her roommates, and me. Just six of us. We all enjoyed that, even though we left the food in Gaines's car, and she drove off with it. We had to come back here and cook breakfast instead of doing it at the campsite like we had originally planned. I burned my hand that night as I was trying to fix the fire. It was a stupid move, I know. I wasn't burned too badly. It did blister a little bit, so it was almost a second degree burn.

Saturday night I travelled back to H-don for a birthday party. It was my best friend's boyfriend's birthday. We ate and played games from 6:30 to past eleven. I left at eleven, because I had to get back to Union. Today I went to church and hung out with Amy. It was definitely a crazy week. I knew I wouldn't have trouble filling up the time left by the end of soccer season. I worked out yesterday, so I'm a little sore from that. I told Amy, who went with me, that I was sore; she said, "Why are you sore from working out?" I looked at her, then said, "Because I haven't done anything in TWO WEEKS!" "Oh, yeah." She went running, and I rode my bike beside her. It kind of made me sad that I couldn't be running beside her, instead of riding my bike beside her. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm resting now so that I can play a thousand times better later. After I catch up on running and everything, that is. I can't remember what it's like to really play soccer. And I'm gonna leave it at that.

So, that is my insane week in a nutshell. It's not really half of what went on, but you get the idea. Oh, yeah, I'm coughing my head off as well. It started some time in the middle of last week. I really started coughing Friday or Saturday. Being around the fire Friday night definitely didn't help. Anyway, I'll stop now. I think I've written quite enough.


  1. Hey darling! Did you know that you are amazing and I love to hear your long blogs. It is good because they are so interesting. Gives me a way to keep up with you, like that is possible. lol. So, I usually don't catch colds quickly, but it seems like everyone I've been around has had some sort of one and thus I caught it. Not to bad yet though. I'm trying to knock it out quick. I love you and hope you have/had a good week!!

  2. Hey DW. I am sooo glad that you are keeping this page up to date the best you can. I really do miss you and hearing your crazy stories along with experiencing some of them with you!! I hope to see ya soon!! I am finally 19, oh boy...what can I do at 19 that I couldn't do at 18. Kinda sad! oh well, hope to hear from you..sorry it has been sooo long!!