Friday, November 11, 2005

This is such a glorious Friday! Nanny is getting out of the hospital, Buddy's coming home, and it's just a BEAUTIFUL day. Nanny still has to do therapy while she's at home, but she's improved amazingly. Her legs are mainly weak; when she started hurting, she stopped using them. I think the pain is almost gone, which is such a blessing. I know she's ecstatic about that.
Buddy is coming home with Luke, which made it easier for me! He told me to decide what we were going to do this weekend, and I could not decide. I'm so indecisive about almost everything.

There was something else....oh yeah! I got a letter in my Union mailbox from Ambassadors in Sports. The missionary-in-residence here at Union told me about playing soccer as a form of missions. It sounds awesome to me! In the letter they said, "as a brother in Christ..." That's so wrong. Even Union sends me stuff about the Strongest Man competition. They can't seem to comprehend that Daron could be a female. I guess it usually is a male name, but it does go both ways...I don't. Anyway, I really want to check this out. Of course, Mom and Dad won't particularly be

I guess that's it. Maybe I should leave it for a while and see if I remember something else later....but I won't torture you.

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  1. SO that does sound awesome...missions and soccer. My friend Vandal has done multiple mission trips like that. I could ask him more about it if you want. And if God wants you to play soccer to glorify His name then money isn't the issue. : ) Have a great week darling!