Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Final Preseason

Oh, it's so weird. The last time I'll have to absolutely run my butt off and think I'm gonna die for it. The last time I'll get so close so fast to a large group of people. The last time I'll hear the "glass house" speech. The last time I'll wait for a list to tell me varsity or JV. It's just a lot of lasts.

I'm not nervous at all. Not that I expected to be, really; it's just like at this point either I'm ready or I'm not - and I'm okay either way. I want to work hard and do my best, no matter what that means compared to everyone else.

I've always looked forward to preseason. Maybe I'm a masochist and just love being half-dead for a whole month. Or maybe I love the getting to know new people, seeing everyone come together as a team, having the campus to ourselves, our whole lives being about the soccer team for those four weeks, the smell of the grass at six a.m., the smell of the turf room in the middle of the day, the smell of the pool in the afternoon.

There's also that pretty sweet bonus of getting to spend a lot of time with some of the girls I love the most. ;)

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