Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Schedule Woes

Since I am changing my major after this semester (officially), it has been necessary to make changes to my schedule for the semester. I had planned this semester around still being an English major with a Professional Education minor. However, I didn't want to waste my time taking classes I don't need and instead take some I do. So far I've added and dropped twice, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to drop again. The last day for adds has already come and gone. I switched Developing Reading Skills (an education course) for Microeconomics, and Spanish II (thank the Lord!!!) for Plane Trigonometry. I also plan to drop Literary Criticism and Analysis; I don't want to waste my time taking that class when I won't need it, no matter which major I change to. There's too much work involved and the definite chance of getting no more than a B that makes it not worth it.

I did quite a bit of running around yesterday and Monday trying to work all this out. I was especially worn out after Monday, because I talked to my English advisor, then went and discussed classes with someone from the Engineering department, then went back to my advisor to look at which classes were available, went to Union Station to change it (where the class I wanted was not open, so I now have EIGHT O'CLOCK classes every day), then returned to my advisor to tell her that I had changed. Whew. Yesterday when I went back to Union Station to change my classes again, the woman said, "There was someone in here just the other day thinking about changing to this class...was it you?" I replied, "Yes, ma'am, that was yesterday." To which she said, "I thought I recognized your pretty little face!" Lol. I thanked her quietly for that... Soon I will return! Haha.

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