Friday, April 16, 2010


So, to completely break from my normal posting schedule of...well, whenever I got around to it...I had to post twice on the same day because I just found out some crazy news:

Jennifer Knapp came out.  Of the CLOSET. 

I'm not sure how many of you remember Knapp, but I freaking loved her.  She was/is? a Christian artist who had a folksy feel to her music and a great voice.  She disappeared like forever ago (apparently seven, to be exact) and has now reappeared to knock my socks off - both with her coming out and her new album.  She doesn't want to be labeled as a Christian artist, which is fine with me.  Her music didn't always follow the all praise route of Christian music, which is something I liked about it.  Not that that's bad - I just have my preferences.  I want music about the person actually struggling with things, like real life.

Now, this is much more surprising than the revelation about Ray Boltz's sexuality.  Really?  Look at the 80s hair and clothes he was still rocking and tell me you didn't think about it.  I did. 

Here is the CNN article about Jennifer Knapp:

Don't even think for a second I'm not buying her album.  It doesn't matter to me who she dates - her music is just fantastic. 

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