Friday, April 16, 2010

Yeah, It's Been Two Months...

This is possibly the longest time I've ever gone without posting since I started this blog.  I could be wrong, though, but I don't care to go back and check that fact at the moment. 

I've actually been missing school.  Weird, huh?  I know it sounds a little crazy, although some working adults may disagree with me on that and feel the same way.  The good news is, I will be returning to school!  I was accepted into the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Masters program at University of Memphis and will be starting said program late August!  :)  Unfortunately, it will start only two weeks after the wedding, so we won't have a lot of downtime before I jump back into the world of academia.  I am excited, though.  Memphis has a great program, and I like to learn about things I care about - like helping people.  In two and a half years, I will be out in the work world again, but this time I'll be doing something I truly care about.  Yes, a job is a job - but it is so much less stressful and more fulfilling when your heart is in it. 

A friend of mine is getting married tomorrow, kicking off the "Year of Weddings."  For me, anyway.  I know a couple people who have already gotten married this year, but this is the first one I am actually attending.  The good thing about having several weddings to go to this year is that I can get a few ideas for my own.  If I copy you, just consider it flattery.  ;)  I read an article yesterday that talked about copying wedding ideas, actually.  It's alright as long as you make it your own, which I completely agree with.  I've always wanted a unique wedding that wasn't quite traditional, and that's what I'm working towards having. 

I have to admit that I have applied my usual procrastination techniques to the wedding planning process.  Although I am getting things done and I know I'll be fine, sometimes I feel a very minor panic attack coming on when I realize what I've done to myself by putting things off.  I'm really not far behind, though.  I never realized how much stuff there was in a wedding.  I knew that it wasn't a cake walk, but sheesh.  I also now understand how people can spend a ludicrous amount of money on a wedding.  Just add chair covers, specialty plates, awesome guest favors, tons of flowers, a full bar, an insane cake, an insane groom's cake, monogrammed everything, a band, a DJ, a dramatic entrance with a Zambini, dancers, a wedding decorator, a wedding planner, gilded everything...

It's ridiculous.  And that's not even half the stuff I've seen, and not including the $20,000 wedding gown - or more.  If you want to go all out, you can go beyond that and make your guests' heads spontaneously combust with the amount of crap you put into your wedding.  I, however, have no such ambitions - so be glad. 

I get the feeling that over the next four months (just four months!) I won't be writing about much of anything besides wedding stuff.  I could promise otherwise, but there's not much else I've been thinking about.  Well, except for the fact that in a month I turn 23, Ryan turns 21, and then he graduates the next week.  It doesn't bother me now, but I think I'm not going to be real happy when I turn 30 two years before he does.  And then 40, then 50...  And that's enough!  I shall resist thinking about it.  Haha. 

We are trying to get into the process of buying a house, which I'm told is not the most fun process ever.  What adult thing is?  Well...  Anyway, it's interesting trying to find a "safe" neighborhood in Memphis.  We looked at one, told that was bad, looked at another, got directed once again...  We were told by a Memphis police officer that Cordova is our best bet, so that's where we're headed.  Now to get preapproved, talk to a realtor, check out houses, make offers...  I'm tired already.  But we will succeed! 

I am so thankful it's Friday.  Monday and Tuesday went by so slowly, they were killing me.  I woke Wednesday, and thought, "Hm...tomorrow is Friday, so casual...  Wait.  It's Wednesday, isn't it??  Crap!"  Disappointment prevailed.  However, Friday did finally arrive, so I can't complain.  I shouldn't ever complain, I know, but what human doesn't complain?

Ever since the Suggestion box on Facebook showed up, I have been lamenting its existence.  There are some people you just do not care to reconnect with, which is why you never looked for them in the first place.  Also, if I have ONE friend in common with this person, WHY do you think that means I automatically know them, Facebook?!  And now it not only suggests new friends, it wants to constantly talk to EVERY ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS.  "Reconnect with Jason!  Send him a message explaining why you haven't visited his profile, wrote on his wall, commented on his posts, or messaged him since last week!"  No, thank you.  I just went into ranting mode for a second.  Sorry.  I just wish they would give you the option to not show that box, but they probably realize that everyone would delete it.  You can click through each thing to clear it, but give FB two days and it's back with completely new random people you don't want to connect with.

Speaking of reconnecting, I did actually reconnect with someone this week, but that stupid suggestion box had nothing to do with it - even though it started on Facebook.  It was a fantastic reconnection, and one that should have happened a LONG time ago.  I'm going to stop calling it a reconnection, because it makes it sound like a liaison instead of ridiculously long FB messages then a three hour phone conversation.  I'm creepy even when I don't mean to be...

I would say that I've made up for two months of not posting, but within the boundaries of the average lengths of my posts it's safe to say that I haven't.  Nevertheless, I will give you a respite and cease typing for now. 

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