Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I am finally in Incline Village, Nevada (right on the shore of Lake Tahoe), after what seems like four days. Haha. It was a long trip. Our original flight plans got totally rearranged, which definitely caused some frustration; however, we made it alive and in relatively good moods. Believe me, the making it alive part seems like quite a miracle after a crazy (but probably typical) taxi driver flew at 80 miles per hour in Los Angeles with five of us in his van and our last flight landed right side first (which we were told was actually a landing tactic that prevented us from hitting the ground and flipping over...who knew?). We did get to see a tiny bit of L.A. and Santa Monica Pier. And I sat next to a really nice lady flying from L.A. to Reno. She was asking me questions and stuff, and she said, "Well, aren't I being nosy?" I just laughed and said it was perfectly fine. I didn't mind. She grew up in L.A., so we went through the same routine I go through with every other Northern/Western coast person I meet: My "unfamiliar" manners, the accent (it's cute, not too much), the apparent presence of their own accents (which other people tell them about but they don't quite believe). You know, the usual. ;)

As we came up and down the mountain, we were bombarded with snow. I told the family, "Everywhere I go, I bring the snow with me!" First Indiana, now Lake Tahoe. It should warm up considerably by the weekend. I think it also gets quite a bit colder here at night. We were told that yesterday it was up in the 90s. Wow.

Sounds like Tennessee!

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