Monday, September 25, 2006

Who I Am

It's just crazy the places you end up, isn't it? How did I go from being pretty quiet and shy in high school, to one of the loudest and craziest people you'll ever met? There was a definite turning point, but there has also been obvious growth since then. I've crawled more and more out of my shell as the years go by. I don't worry about what people think; however, that never was a very prominent concern in the first place. Most of my previous shyness was the result of not wanting to waste people's time. If I thought there was a possibility that someone didn't really want to talk to me, I wouldn't even try. That was before. Before Volunteer Girls State (ask me some time and I'll try to explain it - best week of my life helps sum it up). Before I told myself that I would no longer hold back but be myself to the utmost.

God brought me to Union. I've met SO many amazing people here, it's ridiculous. Having this many wonderful people who try to live for God should be illegal. Of course, I am seriously glad it's not. The girls on the soccer team alone are gorgeous in their own ways, inside and out (who knew 35 girls could get along so well?). There are also a ton of people that I've met outside of soccer, as well.

To get to the main point of this whole blog:

I have really learned part of who I am in the last year or so. I have learned that:
  • As much as I don't want to, I will disappoint people
  • I am maternal (haha)
  • It hurts to care as much as I do
  • By being an emotional person, I help others deal with their emotions
  • I know how to deal with people when they get emotional (most of the time)
  • I can help people trust
  • I do believe in myself...sometimes
  • Contrary to popular belief, I can get REALLY ticked (and mean)
  • I have no self-discipline
  • There are some things that just really set me off
  • I have to know where I stand with people, or it drives me insane
  • I like to face problems (especially with people) head on
  • Confrontation is not among my favorite things to do, but I do find it necessary quite often
  • My emotions definitely drive a lot of my decisions
  • My own emotions can confuse me
  • Sometimes, I am an idiot (wait, I am pretty sure I already knew that...)
  • Sometimes, I can be really intelligent (only sometimes)
  • I really LOVE having serious discussions on almost any topic
  • I LOVE goofing off and doing mischevious things
  • I am pretty much a pushover
  • However, I can only take so much stuff, and I WILL hold my ground
  • My heart is even more on my sleeve than I thought it was
So I think I can stop there; I really didn't realize the list would be that long! Nevertheless, I have a feeling that that list will just continue to grow as I accumulate new friends who teach me things about myself and get closer to God, who already knows everything about me. I'm really looking forward to it.

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