Thursday, September 21, 2006

Too Fast

This week has been ridiculous. It's already technically Friday, and I feel like it's just begun. I also feel like I'm running out of time. Time for what, I'm not sure. Running out of time to do what I need or want to do, probably. I've had a lot of homework to do, soccer takes up around three hours every day, and classes seem to have multiplied for some reason.

I've said before that I don't like to have nothing to do; having a lot of stuff going on makes me appreciate things, strangely. However, feeling this rushed and almost panicked drives me crazy. I need some serious downtime, and I won't really get any this weekend. We have soccer practice on Saturday AND Sunday! Ugh. Not only that, but I have committed to singing at my hometown's Heritage Festival Saturday. After I sing, I'm going to drive right back to Jackson with little time left before practice. I need some time to just breathe. I just want to hang out without homework and other duties shadowing me the whole time. I would like some time to think; about what, I'm not real sure either. I hate when I don't have time to think about something that I need time to think about. This has been one of those weeks where I do not have time. Things need to slow down, if just for one day.

As for my last post, I want y'all to understand that it was not about giving up. However, I did get close to giving up the possibility of being on varsity. It was one of those days where I felt like my work was futile, and I was feeling helpless. I'm not sure what else was going on in my head, but I know I was really emotional that night. That tends to happen every once in a while. ;) I don't know if this is making much sense; nevertheless, I wanted to clarify that I wasn't giving up on anything, except maybe not caring at all about soccer.

I'm ready for this week to be over, but there's no guarantee that next week will be any less chaotic. We'll just have to see, won't we?

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  1. i know exactly where you're coming from on this whole 'too fast' bit. if i don't stop and breathe here soon, i'm going to lose it! :)