Sunday, January 22, 2006


My main concern these days is people doing stupid things. Come to think of it, that's usually my main concern. I have to admit I worry about it, even though I know worrying won't do any good. It hurts me to see (or know of) people doing things like drinking, smoking, having sex (before marriage, of course), and other similar activities. What is the point? The pleasure you get out of those things is only temporary. Why don't they see that? Does it even matter to them? I can't comprehend. I don't get it. I've realized a long time ago that preaching at everyone won't help. They'll only shut me out. Instead, I've chosen to live as an example, or do my best to be so, anyway. They know where I that enough? Sometimes I feel as though I'm not doing anything. Maybe I'm not, but then, maybe I am. There's no real way to know, is there? I guess there is purpose in that. I have to keep on following God and being a "good girl" in order to be an example, but I'll never really know how much of an impact I made. I have to trust in God to take care of that. Maybe if I did know I made a difference, my head would get too big. Lol. I guess I do make a difference, but, at times like these, it makes me wonder. I just don't know what to do with myself. I wish all stupidity would stop; however, that would just end humanity.

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