Sunday, January 15, 2006

Idahoan Thoughts...

Snowboarding is hard. I'm sure that once you get the hang of it it's a blast. Right now, I'm not hanging on very well. There seems to be a blockage in my brain between, well, snowboarding and my brain. The "carving" is what seem to be the main problem. Turning my back towards the bottom of the mountain doesn't register in my mind for some reason. I got so frustrated yesterday. I knew I would be sore today; I thought I would just hurt all over from falling so much. I ended up being sore mainly in my neck and shoulders. My arms hurt as well - I know that's from pushing myself up so many times. Maybe I'll ski Monday, so I'll have a better day before I leave. Yesterday just left me in a bad mood. Oh, well. I'll have time to work on Colorado.

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  1. Thanks for correcting me on my skit/skeet thing. I knew had an English major as a friend for a reason. You'll have to show me pictures and tell me all about Idaho. I love you! Sorry I missed you, but I understand that your family wanted to get home before snow stuck. :)