Thursday, January 18, 2007


Last week Mom told me not to plan anything for the coming Wednesday. Okay... She wouldn't tell me what she had planned, but she did - several times - tell me that she was excited about it. I love surprises, so I was excited, too. Yesterday she picked me up at 1:30 after my classes. Mama Jo was in the car, too, but we were just dropping her off somewhere. As we were riding to Mama Jo's destination, she asked me if I knew what Mom had planned. Of course, I didn't have a clue. She said, "Well, I think your mama oughta tell you...y'all are going to the gynecologist." I said, "What?! You can't be serious." Thankfully, she wasn't. She said she thought it would be funny; I told her that it was a good joke, just not fun. Lol. I was scared for just a minute. Then I told Mom that if she ever did that to me, I would be furious and might have to jump out of the moving vehicle.

Anyway, we dropped Mama Jo off and picked up something to eat for me, then headed towards the mall. We were going to meet Lavon at the place. We pulled up to Jackson Massage and Day Spa. Score! My gut feeling earlier was correct, and boy was I happy. We all got a full body hour long massage and then a facial. It was absolutely glorious. Afterwards, we sat in the "Relaxation Room" and just chilled. We were chill. Lol. I had planned on working out yesterday, but I wanted to stay that way for a little bit.

I've already told Mom "thank you" like six times, but I'll take the opportunity to do it again: THANK YOU, MOM! I LOVE YOU!

P.S. My mom's the coolest; I'm telling you in case you didn't already get the memo. :D


  1. Yes ma'am, she is! Lucky...

  2. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Ahh-how sweet! I'm just now reading this because our stupid internet decided to change our user name and password on its own & I just got it fixed today. You are so welcome. I enjoyed it,too-thoroughly. It was really nice wasn't it. I think we deserved it.Thank you for saying such nice things.
    Love ya lots