Thursday, January 25, 2007

An End and A Beginning

Jan term is basically over. How sad! No, seriously, I believe I'm gonna miss it. Finals are tomorrow; I don't expect them to be real difficult, so I'm just messing around. Yes, I know - I'm irresponsible when it comes to schoolwork. I'll be fine.

After tomorrow, it's four days of break then back to school for spring semester. Which is just crazy. I just wondered if last year January lasted longer than it did this year... I honestly don't know. I want to say this January felt like it lasted longer. Hm. I've had a good time in both of my classes. Athletic Injuries was very interesting and cool; I love Dr. Van Neste, whom I have for New Testament. He's just awesome, and I really feel like I've benefited mentally and spiritually in his class. How can you beat that??

As for the question of what I want to do, I'm still kind of blurry on that. I want to think further about being an architect. (Sorry if I just kind of threw that on you, since you might have had no idea I was even thinking about it.) Athletic training would be fun and I believe I would enjoy it, but I just don't think it's where I need to be. Whew. I flat don't know.

I think this next semester will be interesting. I'm not going to say good or bad, cause I don't know and don't have a feeling either way. Or rather, I have feelings going both ways. Whatever - anyway, it's coming so soon. I know I am for sure looking forward to more crazy times with my roommates; that's what I'm looking forward to the most, definitely. My only complaint and desire would be... no more Christmas caroling. No. It ain't happ'nin. I love y'all, but nope.

There'll be nothing to do but wait and see how things go down... or up. ;)

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