Wednesday, October 26, 2005

As indicated by the above title, I am Daron, and I am random. There's no telling what I'll put on here, but I can guarantee that it won't always make sense to everyone...including myself. I'm not sure why I decided to do this; I do like to write out my thoughts.
It has been quite an eventful week, and it's just halfway over. One of my friends is engaged, I found out that I have compartment syndrome in my calves, the soccer season is over, and my grandmother was going to have surgery, but it was cancelled. Crazy stuff. I'm sad that my first season of college soccer is over, but I finally get to rest. I, hopefully, have three more years of college soccer. I didn't get the most out of my first year; my calves wouldn't allow it. I have to admit that I let it slow me down more than I should have. Now I have to rest and do nothing for two months. That's not going to be easy. At least the season is over. When I was out for two weeks during the season, it was so difficult. It was so frustrating to sit on the bench and watch the game, not being able to play. It was frustrating when I did play, because I couldn't play at the level I know I am capable of. There were several times where I felt like I just didn't even want to try. I had a terrible attitude. I just wanted to play without feeling the pain in my calves; I wanted to get taken out of the game because I was tired, not because I couldn't stand the pain. Besides all that, I felt like I was hurting the rest of the team. I felt like I wasn't helping anyone a lot of the time. I wasn't where I needed to be, and I was being lazy. Oh well. It's over now, and there's next year to contend with. If this two month resting period doesn't cause the compartment syndrome to dissipate, I'll have to have surgery. That would set me back in the spring.
Hopefully, if it does show up again, it will show up far before the season so that I can have the surgery and be ready to go for next year. I just don't want to deal with this stuff anymore. I know it is meant to be a learning experience; I just pray that I am a better person because of it. It's definitely shown me how much I want to play soccer. When I came back from being out for two weeks, I was so ecstatic to be playing again. It had been a long time since I got that excited about playing soccer. My first practice back I was tripped by one of the girls, and I hit the ground. You cannot understand how great that made me feel. When I saw the scrape on my elbow, I was even more overjoyed.
I think I've said enough for my first blog. I tend to rant a little, so I assure you that I will write way more than this frequently. Not only do I rant, but I also like to get very detailed about everything. That means that a simple story may take a good ten sentences that are unnecessary. The background of the story usually has to be laid, then every little thing that might or might not be related. Even now I am rambling.


  1. Aw! That's the Daron I know and love! How I miss you!!! Hang in there, babe. I'm here for you! I happen to adore your ranting, rambling, and raving, so rant on! Talk to you soon! Love you!


  2. I'm proud to see you're following in my footsteps (with the blogging). I look forward to keeping up with my girl on here. Know that I pray for you. I love you.

    For His glory <><,

  3. You are amazing Daron! I know that you will rest up and be ready for next season. You are not a quiter (plus even if you were, I wouldn't let you be). I've never read a blog before. So, this is pretty neat.

  4. Daron-
    I am sorry to hear about your diagnois but I know you are happy to have an answer. Everything will work out according to His plan. I will keep you in my prayers.
    Guess what- I tried to open this email at school and the site was blocked by the NEA- I had to forward it to my home email- isn't that funny.
    Take care-
    S. Dyer