Friday, September 21, 2007


Tonight I'm headed to Huntingdon's homecoming game to watch Kellen play in his senior year. The boy has grown up so much, it's amazing - and a little scary. Yeah, it makes me feel old.

Tomorrow we have a JV game against Hiwassee. I'm not sure if I'm playing or not, because I may be redshirting the season. I need to talk to the coaches today to see what's going on. After the game, I've asked the girls (the whole program) to come to my house for camping! Of course, it's not hardcore camping. I mean, we have a hot tub. Haha. It's going to awesome; I can't wait. Several of the girls seemed excited by the idea as well, which just makes me happier. :D

Oh, and I got Eisley's new CD and John Tucker Must Die. So sue me, I'm weak for media.

And chocolate.


  1. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I'm glad you got to come home for Kellen's homecoming to see him play and you got to see Kayla. I can't believe kellen's a senior.
    I really enjoyed you being here this weekend. You're the best.
    Love you lots,

  2. Yay for Eisley! I just caught on to that little treat in the past few weeks! Such good taste we share.