Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Good Half Week

It started on Thursday when I sang at Moe's for Moe's Union Night. It felt like I hadn't performed in forever! I was just the tiniest bit nervous - as I always get when I sing my original stuff on the guitar. Even though my throat was a little messed up (sinus infection that started), I did well. It was fun, and the completely relaxed atmosphere was awesome. There were a lot of people there, several of which were only there for me - how special did I feel! Thank you so much to everyone who came!!

Friday night some of us cooked dinner in the commons and had a sweet meal. Some time later another group of us took a walk to Sonic, taking some pictures along the way. That was interesting. Lol.

Then yesterday, the weather was pretty great. Several of us went outside and messed around - playing basketball, throwing softballs and a football, breaking windows... Okay, just one window. And it wasn't me. And we told commons, so it's okay. Haha. We also had a soccer game that - even though we lost - went pretty well. Everyone still has to work on conditioning; especially considering we have fitness tests in ONE WEEK. I'm....gonna die. I mean, I am SO messed. Anyway, we played a really good club team from Canadia (yes, I know I spelled it wrong) and lost three to one. I have this huge strawberry on the outside of my right thigh from sliding; it's a serious strawberry. I also have a few new bruises, as well as a devastating rejuvenation to a week-old one. Right after the game I rushed to the locker room to change then went back to the dorm to begin getting ready for the Swing dance, courtesy of Union SAC. Mind you, the game ended at 7:15, and the dance started at 8:00. I got ready fairly quickly, and we all (Emily, LJ, me, and our dates) got to the dance around 8:30. I ended up going with Emily's brother, Cooper. That was so much fun. LJ told me that I was no longer allowed to skip out of our dance parties and park on the couch, because I could dance. I wouldn't bank on it... We all had a blast and had good dates. Haha. Afterwards we went to Steak and Shake, cause I hadn't eaten anything since lunch. I was a little hungry.

Those were the high points. There were other things that happened - good, bad, in-between. Aren't there always? There are. Which is why we have to hold on to the good things and appreciate them. I have so much to be thankful for in the last few days than I've even come close to touching on in this blog. How is it so easy to forget how things could be when we get down? Maybe we just want to dwell on what's going wrong. That is so easy to do. I guess it could actually be considered easier than trying to focus on what has gone right. Maybe we're all pessimists at heart; I know I basically am.

But I am thankful. I am thankful for people who care about me. I am thankful for the gifts I have been given. I am thankful for the opportunities to use them. I am thankful for random plans. I am thankful for every friend I have. I am thankful for every friend I've lost. I am thankful for reconciliation. I am thankful for full disclosure. I am thankful for every person in my family. I am thankful for my family's willingness to support me in anything and everything. I am thankful for breathing. I am thankful for living - and I wonder how I could ever question its value.

Thank God.

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  1. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Daron,God has blessed you with so many gifts.We are so proud of you of course we want to support you in all you do. As far as your comments on forgeting about your blessings- me and Mama Jo saw a church sign today that said "Count your blessings not your burdens".That should be what we do but we humans tend to wallow in your burdens when we have so many blessings to be thankful for and you are defintely one of ours. Love you,Mom