Saturday, December 24, 2005

It's Almost Christmas!!!

It's Christmas Eve...and I can't believe it. Ah. I love Christmas. I am very excited about giving people their gifts: one in particular.

So, I'm ecstatic about it being Christmas; however, one of the girls on Union's soccer team is in the hospital. They found a brain tumor on the 22nd that had been growing for six weeks. The doctors thought it looked benign, but they decided to go and perform surgery. It happened yesterday, the 23rd. The surgery went really well, but they discovered that the tumor is the size of a golf ball. It is also located in her brain, not on the surface as was originally thought.

I first learned about this when my roommate and teammate Emily called me Thursday night. When she told me that Nikki had a brain tumor, I just stood there and cried. I couldn't (and still can't) fathom what it felt like to Nikki and her family to find out about this. She had compartment syndrome this season like I did, although hers was acute and not chronic. My point is, she messed with that all season, and now this comes along. She was finally getting over her surgery for the compartment syndrome. Now she may have permanent damage to her left side. At one point, I considered the fact that the compartment syndrome might prevent me from playing soccer ever again. This, however, is a completely different ball game. This won't just affect soccer; it will affect her whole life. Please pray for her. The whole soccer team has been informed, and I know we will pray for her every day until this is over. Who knows when that will be except God?

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